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Computer-Assisted SCID-II (CAS-II)

A computer-assisted clinician-administered version of the SCID-II (called CAS-II) is available from Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS) in Canada.  The CAS-II package also includes a computerized version of the SCID-II-PQ (Personality Questionnaire) which is administered directly to the patient. If desired, the CAS-II can be configured so that "no" answers on the SCID-II-PQ will cause the CAS-II to skip over the corresponding interview questions. To order the CAS-II, please visit the MHS web site (www.mhs.com) or else you can contact MHS by telephone at 1-800-456-3003 (In the US & Outside North America); 1-800-268-6011 (In Canada) or (0)845 601 7603 (In the United Kingdom).