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SCID-I Research Version in Microsoft Word

The most recent version of the SCID-I-RV is available in Microsoft Word, which is compatible with Windows or Macintosh systems.  These files are sent electronically as a single PDF Portfolio containing 17 Microsoft Word document files which include a User’s guide and the required modules to configure either the Patient edition, Non-Patient edition or Patient edition with Psychotic Screen.  Typically each SCID module is contained within a separate document.

Before receiving the SCID files, Biometrics Research at Columbia University must receive a permission form, whereby the purchaser agrees not to make or disseminate any of the SCID files to users outside of the affiliated research study or institution.

The primary advantage to ordering the SCID files in Microsoft Word is to facilitate customization (i.e., cutting and pasting sections of the SCID to fit the needs of your study) and/or translation (i.e., substituting translated text for the original questions).  Alternatively, the SCID-I-RV is available as an unmodifiable PDF.  Unlike the SCID-I Research Version in Microsoft Word, text changes cannot be made in the unmodifiable PDF version.  This unmodifiable version is intended for clinicians and researchers who do not wish to alter the SCID-I-RV.  Also note that the SCID-I Research Version in Microsoft Word is not a computer-assisted version of the SCID whereby the user is prompted with questions and ratings that are entered directly into the computer, eliminating the need for paper. Click here to order the SCID-I Research Version in Microsoft Word.

For additional information regarding Computer-assisted versions of the SCID-I-RV available in beta, click here.  For information regarding the computer-assisted version of the Clinician SCID-I version available from Multi-Health System, Inc., click here.  For additional information on the computer-assisted version of the SCID-II for Personality Disorder diagnoses also available from Multi Health System, Inc., click here.