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Permission to Make Copies of Research Version

Biometrics Research Department
Columbia University at NYSPI
1051 Riverside Drive - Unit 60
New York, NY 10032
Telephone: 212-543-5524
Fax: 212-543-5525
E-mail: scid4@columbia.edu


TO: Users of SCID-I Research Version (SCID-RV)

FROM: Biometrics Research Department at Columbia University

RE: Permission to make photocopies of the SCID-RV

Biometrics Research at Columbia University, the developer of the SCID-RV, hereby grants permission to investigators doing research funded by not-for-profit institutions (e.g., NIMH, NARSAD, Veteran's Administration) to make as many photocopies as required of the entire document or any SCID-RV modules therein.  The SCID-RV documents, however, may not be loaned, duplicated, sent by email or in any way distributed to any individual not directly affiliated with the not-for-profit institution that purchased the SCID-RV.

For research conducted by or funded by commercial enterprises (e.g. pharmaceutical companies), there is a licensing fee for the use of the SCID.  Click here for additional information on commercial licensing.