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What is the Reliability of the SCID-II?

The reliability of the SCID-II has been assessed in several studies (see Table). The range of Kappa in these studies is a reflection of differences in the same dimensions that effect reliability of the SCID-I (see "What is the Reliability of the SCID-I?" for more information)

Psychometric Properties of SCID-II Patient Questionnaire

Three studies (Ekselius et. al, 1994, Jacobsberg et. al, 1995, Nussbuam and Rogers, 1992) examined the sensitivity and specificity of the SCID-II-PQ when used as a screening tool, confirming a very low rate of false negatives, Although the SCID-II-PQ was not designed as a stand-alone instrument, Ekselius and colleagues (1994), were able to determine cut-off scores for the SCID-II-PQ that resulted personality diagnoses that were similar to those obtained by the SCID-II interview, with an overall kappa of agreement of 0.78. Ball and colleagues (Ball et. al,.2001), also using the SCID-II-PQ as a standalone instrument, found internal consistency of SCID-II-PQ rated personality disorders in a population to be above 0.6 (the lowest acceptable value) (range .35 to .80) for all disorders except Schizoid.


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Table Summarizing Selected SCID-II Reliability Studies

First, et al., 1995 Weiss, et al., 1995 Arntz, et al., 1992 Fogelson, 1991 Dreessen, et al., 1998 Maffei, et al., 1997 Lobbestael, et al., 2010
70 15 43 231 127-137
Method 1-3 week interval test-retest 12-month interval test-retest Joint with live observer Joint with audiotape 1-4 week interval, test-retest Joint with live observer Joint with audiotape
Statistic kappa kappa kappa ICC ICC kappa kappa/Trait ICC/Sum ICC
Avoidant 0.54 -0.15 0.82 0.84 0.80 0.97 .83/.89/.90
Dependent 0.50 0.43 1 *** 0.49 0.86 .83/.90/.92
Obsessive-Compulsive 0.24 0.26 0.72 *** 0.75 0.83 .87/.87/.89
Passive-Aggressive 0.47 0.71 0.66 *** 0.62 0.91 ***/0.85/0.86
Self-Defeating 0.33 *** 1 *** 0.53 ** **
Depressive * * * * * 0.65 0.94/0.94/0.95
Paranoid 0.57 0.47 0.77 0.70 0.66 0.93 ***/0.85/0.85
Schizotypal 0.54 0.78 0.65 0.73 0.59 0.91 ***/0.62/0.6
Schizoid *** *** *** 0.60 *** 0.91 ***/0.76/0.78
Histrionic 0.62 0.59 0.85 *** 0.24 0.92 ***/0.75/0.72
Narcissistic 0.42 0.59 1 *** *** 0.98 ***/0.67/0.80
Borderline 0.48 0.02 0.79 0.82 0.72 0.91 0.91/0.93/0.95
Antisocial 0.76 0.41 *** *** 0.75 0.95 0.78/0.78/0.85

* not included in SCID-II for DSM-III-R

** not included in SCID-II for DSM-IV

*** not reported because too few cases

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