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Download PDF Revision Files

In light of the multiple periodic updates made over the past several years to the Research Version of the SCID (SCID-RV), Portable Document Format (PDF) files of the updated SCID pages are available at no additional charge. The PDF files have been uploaded to correspond with the various SCID revisions by module. It is recommended that all of the pages in these PDF files be printed and replace the corresponding pages in the current version of the SCID-RV. Please note this update is only applicable to versions of the SCID-RV since and including November 2002. If you have a version earlier than November 2002 and want the most recent SCID version, you must reorder the latest SCID version in its entirety. Also note there are no PDF files available on the web site for the periods January 2004, April 2005 and October 2006. This is because all of the pages changed as a result of these SCID revisions were eventually changed in later SCID revisions, therefore rendering these PDF files obsolete.

Given that as of the January 2007 revisions we have swapped which version of the E module is the "alternate" (see the January 2007 revision comments for an explanation), we are identifying the two versions of the E module as follows: E-module-streamlined is the version in which, when diagnosing non-alcohol substance dependence or abuse, the interviewer determines which drug class has been used most and only asks about that class. This is the version formerly called “alternate module E” in versions of the SCID prior to January 2007 and is also the one found in the Clinician Version of the SCID (SCID-CV). In other words, this version of Module E, now deemed the Standard version, assesses use for any drug class. What was formerly the “comprehensive module E,” where the interviewer determines the history of dependence or abuse for each individual drug class is as of January 2007 referred to as the Alternate version.

October 2008

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January 2007

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