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October 2006 Revision

A.44/A.46. Both Mood Disorder Due to a GMC and Substance-Induced Mood Disorder include a criterion D which excludes the diagnosis if the symptoms "occur exclusively during the course of a delirium." This criterion, however, caused the SCID to skip out of the sections for these disorders, suggesting that the mood disorder is NOT due to a substance or general medical condition, which is not the case—only that the mood symptoms were part of a delirium due to a general medical condition or substance. The mood symptoms are still due to a substance or general medical condition. This revision omits the D criterion from both conditions, so that it is possible that some cases of mood disorder due to a substance or GMC are really part of a delirium.  

C.20/C.22.  Delirium also deleted from Psychotic Disorder Due to GMC/Substance-Induced Psychotic Disorder as above.

D.12. An additional option was added for the chronology of current Bipolar Disorder (besides current Manic, Mixed, or Major Depressive Episode) for current hypomanic and unspecified episodes. (The Score sheet was also modified on page ii to move codes for hypomanic and unspecified episodes out of the box that leads to severity ratings.