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October 2008 Revision

Module D: Mood Differential
Seasonal Pattern

1) Page D.7:  The skip instructions on the top of the page have been modified to apply to those situations in which there have been fewer than two major depressive episodes in the past two years, rather than the person’s lifetime.  This change was made to correspond with the requirement for two such episodes in the past two years as noted in criterion C.

2) Page D.7: The field codes on the right hand side of the page have been corrected so that now D25 applies to the skip instruction, and D26 applies to
criterion A.

Module F: Anxiety Disorders
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

1) Page F.25:  The screening question for PTSD has been augmented with two additional follow-up questions: “Have you ever been in an automobile accident?” and “Have you ever been the victim of a crime?”  Some subjects may not understand the full range of traumatic stressors involved in this question.  Given that these two are the most common traumatic stressors most likely to be experienced in a person’s lifetime, questions about these traumas have been added and should be asked of all subjects who answer “no” to the initial screening question.

2) Pages F.25 & 26:  Regarding the list of traumatic stressors, only those stressors meeting criterion A(1) on page F.26 should be listed. Therefore, this criterion is included on page F.25 for the interviewer’s reference.

3) Page F.28: The question corresponding to criterion C(7) has been augmented to explicitly include the examples listed in the criterion.