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Several minor errors in the SCID which were brought to our attention have been corrected and are indicated below (special thanks to Drs. Teri Baldewicz and Karl Goodkin at University of Miami for their helpful suggestions).

1) Although there is no such entity as Polysubstance Abuse in the DSM-IV (and no corresponding entry on the SCID Summary Score Sheet), a column for "POLY" was inadvertently included in the Substance Abuse section of the SCID (Pages E.23-E.25). This column has been removed. (Note that although we have deleted these columns, the data fields have been unaffected so as to not disrupt data collection procedures with new field numbers).

2) In Minor Depressive Disorder, the instructions in the left hand column of item J12 on page J.3 were incorrect and have been corrected.

3) On page D.6, the instructions on the left hand column of item D21 have been corrected.

4) On page D.9, the page reference to Minor Depressive Disorder (i.e., type #4 in Depressive Disorder NOS). has been clarified.

5) When a diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder, Bipolar II Disorder, or Major Depressive Disorder is made, the evaluation of Depressive Disorder NOS is skipped. A problem exists in those cases in which the user wants to make a diagnosis of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder in addition to one of these other Mood Disorder diagnoses (which is allowed in the DSM-IV). To solve this problem, we have inserted a note on page D.12 (under LONGITUDINAL COURSE SPECIFIERS) informing the user to return to D.8 (DEPRESSIVE DISORDER NOS) to allow coding of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, Minor Depressive Disorder, or Brief Recurrent Depressive Disorder.

6) The data fields for the Optional Screening Module (Screening pages 1-2) have been changed from P1-P12 to S1-S12 to prevent confusion with the coding fields on the Summary Scoresheet on the SCID-P which range from P1-P130.

7) Page references in the Summary Scoresheet have been corrected: Other Bipolar Disorder (page ii), Depressive Disorder NOS (page iv) and Alcohol Dependence/Abuse (page vii on the SCID-P, page v on SCID-NP and SCID-P w/PSY SCREEN).

8) Subtypes for Anxiety Disorder Due to a GMC and Substance-Induced Anxiety Disorder on page ix on the SCID-P, page vii on the SCID-NP and SCID-P w/ PSY SCREEN, have been modified to reflect those in the body of the SCID.

9) The letters denoting the criteria for Major Depressive Episode do not match those of the DSM-IV (because of the omission of criterion B). This has been rectified on with changes on pages A.4, A.5, A.15, A.16, and A.17. A similar problem for Manic Episode has been corrected on pages A.21, A.30., and A.32.

10) Incorrect page references on pages J.15 and J.16 (in the "Consider Hypomania" box) have been corrected.

11) A number of items on the SCID do not have corresponding data fields. So as not to disrupt the analysis of data already collected, new fields will be inserted in between existing fields by adding a letter after the number. For example, there is a data field missing for the subtypes for Psychotic Disorder Due to a GMC. The new data field (P61a) has been inserted in between P61 and P62. (Note also that additional lines for CHRONOLOGY OF PSYCHOTIC SYMPTOMS have also been added on page B.8.)


The following changes apply only to the SCID-I/P:

Field Added Page number
P61a, P63a vi
P121a-P121h xi
B23a B.5
B38-B62 B.8
C40a C.16
C42a,C42b C.17

The following changes apply only to the SCID-NP:

Field Added Page number
NP104a-NP104h ix

The following changes apply only to the SCID-P W/psychotic screen:

Field Added Page number
PS104a-PS104h ix

The following changes apply to all three editions of the SCID-I:

Field Added Page number
A45a A.9
A45b A.10
A51a,A51b A.11
A107a A.24
A163a-A163f A.38
A193a A.45
D11a D.3
D24a D.7
E1a,E1b,E1c E.1
E26a,E26b E.10
E140a/b-E147a/b E.22
F1a F.1
F28a,F28b F.7
F46a F.11
F66a F.16
F84a F.20
F88a F.21
F103a-F103u F.25
F134a F.31
F149a F.36
F152a,F152b F.37
F152c F.38
F156a-F156c F.39
F156d F.40
F158 F.41
G1a G.1
G47a G.7
G67a G.13
H1a H.1
H5a H.2
H10a H.4
H17a H.5
J5a J.1
J19a,J19b J.5


Three corrected pages have been added to the SCID since the April 1997 revision. As you can see, the changes are minor.

Page D.10: item D34: Hypomanic episode has been added to the center column "has met symptomatic criteria for..."

Page F.31: item F135: parentheses removed from followup question "during the last six months, would you say that you have been worrying more days than not?"

Page G.7. item G45: a new followup question has been added for criterion C: "(Does your pain get worse when you are feeling upset or stressed?)"


For the April 1997 SCID revisions, we made a very large number of mostly very small changes. Perhaps the most significant change is the revised skip-out instruction following criterion E in Manic Episode. The DSM-IV criteria for manic episode contain a quirk that was not adequately dealt with by the SCID; namely that periods of elevated mood lasting LESS THAN ONE WEEK that are severe enough to cause significant impairment but no so severe as to result in hospitalization fall through the nosologic cracks, so to speak. They do not meet criteria for a Manic Episode (which must last at least seven days if not hospitalized) AND they do not meet criteria for a hypomanic episode because it leads to significant impairment. Such episodes must be diagnosed as Bipolar Disorder NOS. The SCID now accommodates this DSM-IV wrinkle. Most of the remaining changes were done for either of two reasons:

1) the SCID was developed in tandem with DSM-IV. Inadvertently, the diagnostic criteria employed in the SCID were derived from the version that was sent to the publisher in December 1993. However, from January to March 1994, small changes in wording were made during the page proof stage, which were not reflected in the SCID. This was discovered by us only during the page proof stage of the Clinician version of the (SCID-CV), just recently published by American Psychiatric Press, Inc. The changes bring the SCID criteria sets completely up to date.

2) Also during the SCID-CV production process, we made minor changes to the wording of some of the SCID questions. These changes have also been migrated to the Research Version.

The following pages of the SCID have been changed as per this revision: (these pages have been labeled "revised 4/97")

Module A: A.3-A.5, A.15-A.18, A.20-A.21, A.25-A.26, A.30-A.31, A.34, A.36, A.38-A.41,A.43, A.45-A.46
Module B: B.5
Module C: C.4-C.5, C.7-C.8, C.10-C.11, C.13-C.15, C.18
Module D: D.1, D.3
Module E: E.2-E.6
Module F: F.3-F.5, F.9, F.11-F.13, F.17-F.18, F.20, F.22-F.23, F.32-F.34, F.36, F.38
Module G: G.3-G.12 (plus new page G.13 added)
Module J: J.4, J.7-J.9, J.12, J.17, J.21


Revisions from 10/96 to 12/96: Corrected pages include: A.30, A.42, C.11, C.15, D.10, E.18, and E.19. Scoresheet pages i-vii and ix-xii were revised in May 1996 (to correct alignment between scoring boxes and the data field codes in the right hand margin). Scoresheet page viii was changed in October 1996.