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We will review SCID interviews on audiotape or videotape for quality assurance. The cost for this service ranges between $200 and $250 per hour (with the rate depending on who we are able to arrange to do the review). Before an interviewer submits a tape for review, he or she should feel fairly confident that the SCID is being done in accord with SCID training guidelines. It may be necessary to record a few interviews in order to submit one that is informative about the interviewer's skill (i.e. there are ambiguities about a number of diagnoses, less than perfectly clear presentation of history and symptoms, etc.)  Sending a recorded interview with a succinct and articulate subject who has an obvious diagnosis is a waste of time and money. Along with the tape, you should submit the interviewer's completed SCID, along with a summary of any information the interviewer has that does not appear in the recording (e.g. chart admission note).  A professional reviewer will rate the tape independently, then compare his or her ratings with the interviewers.  A detailed commentary that includes reasons for disagreement and suggestions for improvement will be provided. Finally, the reviewer will make a judgment as to whether the interviewer appears to be a competent SCID user, or whether further training is required. Please contact Dr. Michael First at 212-543-5531 or mbf2@columbia.edu for cost or additional information regarding this service.